Past Projects

  • Fiber SpliceEmergency restoration for all telecommunication cables wiped out by Hurricane Sandy. Located damaged cables, placed new aerial and underground cable, spliced fiber, and verified network status.

  • Seismic retrofit of San Francisco Golden Gate BridgeInstalled cabling and spliced copper to complete seismic retrofit for a California bridge authority.

  • CaltransInstalled cable for CCTV security and communications for a CA transportation agency in the Devil's Slide Tunnel.

  • Fiber Optic Patch PanelCorning FSP panel serving as a building entry point to service multiple customers.

  • Fiber Optic Patch PanelCorning FTP panel acting as the final termination point for a fiber optic network for a customer connection.


Past Projects

Designed, installed, and tested a fiber backbone in downtown San Francisco for a security and information systems client.

Installed and tested a fiber backbone across the Bay Bridge for a California transportation agency to monitor security and seismic activity.

Spliced fiber and installed a splice enclosure for the San Francisco Bay Bridge LED lighting project.

Installed and tested a fiber local area network expansion for an independent agency of the United States Government in the San Francisco-Oakland Metropolitan area.

Terminated and tested fiber connectors for an in-building cross-connection system for a telecommunications and internet service provider in Pleasanton, California.

Installed and tested a fiber local area network expansion for a military base in Dublin, California.

Fiber Reel Testing Contracted by a general contractor for a major utility company in California to perform reel testing in order to monitor 115 kV transmission cabling.