Services Provided

What we can do for you

USJS Telecom services most telecommunication and network installation and testing issues within the United States. Some of our customers include: Caltrans, Comcast, Government Services Administration, Verizon, and Camp Parks Military Base. Contact us with your telecommunication or network issue and we will help solve your problem!


USJS offers but is not limited to the following standard services: Telecom Engineering, Fiber Optic Reel Testing, Post Placement Testing, Infrastructure Cabling, Outside Plant Cabling, Fusion Splicing, Mass Fusion Splicing, OTDR Testing, Power Meter Testing, Fiber Terminations, Telephone Cabling & Testing, and CAT 5 & 6 Cabling & Testing.


Telecommunication Service Vehicles

All units go prepared to handle any situation.

Equipment List

  • Fujikura 60s Fusion Splicer
  • Fujikura 60r Fusion Splicer
  • Annritsu 4500 OTDR
  • Exfo FTB 200 OTDR
  • Exfo 932 Power Meter
  • Wilcom Traffic Identifier
  • Corning Mid Access Tool Small
  • Corning Mid Access Tool Large
  • Epoxy Polish Connector Kit
  • Unicam Connector Kit
  • Cheetah Splice On Connector Kit
  • All Hand Tools
  • 6' Step Ladder
  • 24' Fiberglass Extension Ladder

Safety Gear

  • 3 Advanced Traffic Warning Signs
  • 10 Reflective 28" Delineators
  • Manhole Gate
  • Gas Alert & Gas Detector
  • Pelsue 12v Fresh Air Blower
  • Fall Restraint Harness